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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Knowledge Base
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Table of Contents

  1. Correcting departure / arrival time inputting errors : FlightLog Pro. / Rec. ALL versions
  2. Unable to obtain data for AutoBackUpLast / ShowSplashScreen error : FlightLog Pro. versions 1.xx only
  3. Inputting all previous flights into the logbook and software cost : FlightLog Pro. versions 1.xx to 5.xx only
  4. General printing issues, especially in pre Windows XP™ operating systems : FlightLog Pro. versions 1.xx to 5.xx only
  5. Truncated screen display of all full logbook report formats : FlightLog Pro. / Rec. ALL versions
  6. Occasional erroneous sunrise and sunset times for westerly longitudes : FlightLog Pro. versions 1.xx to 2.xx only
  7. Correcting time categories input in error : FlightLog Pro. ALL versions above 4.00 & FlightLog Rec.
  8. 'No CE signature found' and non specific download problems : ALL software archives suffixed with .exe
  9. Application Error 'Exception EOleSysError in module xxx.exe at xxxxxxxx. Class not registered' : ALL software versions
  10. Installation of FlightLog Remote Recorder on some Pocket PCs eg. iPaq 2200/5500 : FlightLog Remote Recorder 1.00
  11. Printing full reports and sections of reports in FlightLog Professional : FlightLog Pro. / Rec. ALL versions
  12. Migrating the FlightLog Professional program and all your data to a new computer : FlightLog Pro. / Rec. ALL versions
  13. Displaying the program in Windows XP™ style when using Windows XP™ : Morse Code Master versions 1.00 to 1.21 only
  14. Application Error "Failed to set data for 'BDENetFileDir'" : FlightLog Pro. versions to incl. ONLY
  15. Making a backup of FlightLog Professional flight & support data : FlightLog Pro. / Rec. ALL versions
  16. What does the error message "Master record missing." mean ? : FlightLog Pro. / Rec. ALL versions
  17. How do I register, purchase, unlock and personalize after evaluation has expired ? : FlightLog Pro. to / Rec. to incl.
  18. Most recently input flight records go missing when program is closed / reopened. Why ? : FlightLog Pro. / Rec. ALL versions

How do I change the automatically calculated values for day or night flying times, which are not accessible, if I make a mistake inputting the block off/on times and have stored the flight record already ? MAURICE GIRAUD - GENEVA, SWITZERLAND.

FlightLog Professional (Recreational) has a simple method to deal with this eventuality. Go to the flight record you wish to amend and place it in edit mode from the control and navigation toolbar (the entry number will be in red in editmode). Change both the departure and arrival times to 00:00 and store this false record. All flight time categories will be set to zero for this record. Enter the correct departure and arrival times and store the record again. The context sensitive help system describes this process and can be accessed by pressing F1 at any time the program is running. In later versions, the key combination Ctrl Shift Z can be used to the same effect.

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When I installed my FlightLog Professional download, on closing the program down I received an error which said 'unable to obtain data for AutoBackUpLast' and after it finally did close down, on reopening it gave a similar error - 'unable to obtain data for ShowSplashScreen'. Now the program continues to produce these errors. How do I get rid of them ? MIKE BROWN - EXETER, UK.

This is a very rare problem and very easy to rectify. It is caused by running a certain feature of FlightLog Professional at a very specific point, ie. opening the query window from the main flightlog window on the very first time only that the program is run, which ordinarily should not happen as there is no flight data to query when the program is run for the very first time !.
However, should you have opened the query window on the program's very first execution, then the best way to rectify the problem is as follows. After closing the program with the X (not the Close button) :-
a. in the Start Menu/Run dialog window type regedit and press OK.
b. in the left hand pane of the program window which opens, expand the key HKEY CURRENT USER down as far as /software/Barrett PC/FlightLog2000/Control.
c. highlight the Control subkey, right click, then select delete from the context sensitive menu which is presented to delete the Control subkey.
d. close the regedit program.
e. run FlightLog Professional and when the main menu is presented, immediately close the program, this time using the Close button (not the X).

This will rectify the problem. Please be sure to do ONLY as I have described - your operating system registry is a dangerous place if you are not very careful !

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I am evaluating your log software and was wondering how I can put in all my previous hours without having to put in over 1000 individual flights. Also what is the price for the software ? Thanks. MARTIN HALL

From the outset I have to say that in FlightLog Professional (or any other logbook software to my knowledge) there is no real way around this issue. Some programs will allow you to put a block hours input initially such as you would probably like to do BUT what then happens is that you lose the ability for full and precise statistical analyses. This is because you could input in block for say P1 Multi, P.u/s Multi, P1 Single and so on but then you lose the ability to evaluate more specifically by eg. type, registration, engine type etc. If you have a program which allows such specific initial categorisation for block input, then to extract all the potential categories/sub categories manually from your hard copy logbook is equally as tedious as inputting your entries one by one.
So really the bottom line is to input each entry to achieve the best result for statistical analysis. To this end I wrote FlightLog Professional to cope as best as possible with this chore, such that the minimum input is required. Just the input of depart and arrive time will categorise fully for you. The option does also exist in the Control & Settings menu for data import from comma delimited text files such as may be exported from a program like Microsoft Excel. This is documented both in the program (try an appropriate button - you will not hurt anything) and the help system. However, I'll reiterate here that it is a process which requires great care and a fair awareness of what's required. Also the facility exists to preset a date for flight record entering which can be any past date for old flight records.

From FlightLog Professional version 6.01, it is possible to input previous flying block hours in the format of aircraft type vs. operating status and this information is then included in much of the reporting capabilities of the software. However, using the argument stated above, there is a natural loss of some statistical capability but the speed of entering all your previous flying block hours and the useful format in which they are presented will far outway this for most pilots.

The cost of the software is shown on the main information page for each software title. In fact, from FlightLog Professional version and FlightLog Recreational version ... the software is FREE OF CHARGE !

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I have a problem with viewing/printing the CAP407 style logbook format in FlightLog Professional. I get an error message and the program will not compile/print the logbook pages. Any ideas ? Otherwise it's a great piece of software. SANJEEV BHADRESA, ILFORD, UK.

It seems as though this problem is very rare, currently with only two reports out of many users, but an important issue nonetheless. I suspect it is largely system specific and the following points need to be addressed as fully as possible for each individual system :-
1. Check on the swap file (aka. pagefile or virtual memory), make sure it's set up correctly in the virtual memory section of the device manager. Typically most users will allow Windows to manage this, which should be fine in most circumstances.
2. Very importantly, check for the existence of a temporary folder (directory) typically referred to as C:\TEMP on your system which is set from the autoexec.bat file which normally resides in the root directory of your C: drive. The program must have a temporary folder available. Check the autoexec.bat file with a text editor eg. Notepad to ensure that the temporary folder is set, if not then add the following two lines :-
... users of Windows NT will have to have sufficient administrative access rights to allow temporary folders and the path must be short eg. as demonstrated above. This type of issue is not really relevant for Windows XP users as this incarnation of Windows handles such issues differently.
3. A default printer MUST be defined on your system. Look in your control panel/printers area. Check your Windows documentation if you are unsure of this.
4. Ensure that you are using the latest printer driver (the software interface between your computer and printer) from your printer manufacturer for your particular model of printer. It is possible in a small number of cases that a particular combination of printer/printer driver will not be compatible with FlightLog Professional but this potential incidence is deemed to be extremely rare.
5. Potential interaction with TSR (terminate stay resident) programs which unfortunately seem all too common on our systems. Really only a process of elimination would help here. The existence of RAMdrives also presents a potential source of conflict.

Altogether, you should find that the above points, if actioned correctly, will often help resolve any general printing issues in Windows 95/98/Me/NT.

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I have noticed that when I display the full logbook report format, the right hand side of the page is truncated and some of the information missing. Why is this ? and what is wrong ? BILL CLEMENTS, TULSA, OKLAHOMA, USA.

This problem can occur with any printable report format and is due to not having a valid default printer installed on your computer which can be recognised by both FlightLog Professional (Recreational) and your operating system. If you are unsure how to install a printer on your computer system, please refer to your operating system help & instructions.

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I have noticed that while completing some of my entries, the sunset and sunrise times seem to be in error for Daytona International, USA (not matching Zulu Time) so some of my records which should be day flying hours are actually produced as night times. Is there any way of correcting this ? GEOFF KETTLE, SAFFRON WALDEN, UK.

This problem was found to be a bug and manifested itself under the following circumstances :
1: both departure and destination airfields for an entry are the same.
2: the airfield has a westerly longitude, the errors increase with increasing longitude.
If BOTH circumstances are present in any entry, the sunrise / sunset calculations would be wrong and subsequently affect the calculation of day and night flying times. The only solution to this problem is to upgrade to version 3.xx or greater from which the bug has been eradicated and make use of the data recalculation facility (Ctrl Shift R) to correct any erroneously calculated data. Thanks are due to the aforementioned user for relating this issue and demonstrating the ever important value of feedback.

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I have noticed that when a mistake has been made during a logbook entry (eg. using P.1 instead of P.u/t) and is then changed / edited after another couple of entries, the total flight times for both P.1 and P.u/t will have added the time into their respective columns. Is there any way of correcting this ? DIRK BOHME, LEAMINGTON SPA, UK.

By far the best way to deal with this issue is to clear ALL time categories from an erroneous entry using the CTRL SHIFT Z keyboard shortcut. In this way, all time categories are zeroed, corrections to eg. operating status can be made and then correct time category values recalculated. Time inputting errors are covered in the program's help system.

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I have downloaded the self-extracting software archive xxxxxxxx.exe from your website but when I try to run it and extract the files I get the error message : No CE signature found ... What is wrong ? (the information here also covers some non specific download problems) VARIOUS USERS

We have seen this issue for a few previous users and the problem seems to be caused, in such cases, by either a corrupted or an incomplete download. In the case of a corrupted download, possibly poor line quality between your Internet Service Provider and yourself could be at fault. In the case of an incomplete download, the file is terminated before being fully downloaded, possibly due to a transmission fault. In either case, the integrity of the download file is compromised. On running, when it self checks, the archive will not self extract - the solution is to redownload. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that their personal computer is configured correctly to handle internet transfer protocols. Although a browser may state in an error message that the connection with 'www.stratosoft.com' has been terminated it can by no means whatsoever simply be assumed that the download server is at fault. The nature of the internet itself means that the transmission is routed through many stages between server and client, for whatever reason, corruption could potentially occur at any point. Server archive integrity is tested regularly and our experience has shown that on most occasions the reason for premature ending or corruption of a download is due to the quality of the connection between the downloading computer and the internet service provider. Users experiencing persistent download problems should address this issue to their phone service / internet service providers in the first instance. Finally, especially when using Windows™ XP / NT, ensure that you have full administration rights before attempting to install.

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I have downloaded the self-extracting software archive xxxxxxxx.exe from your website but after the files have been extracted and the software is installed, I get this weird error message : Application Error 'Exception EOleSysError in module xxx.exe at xxxxxxxx. Class not registered' when I try to run the program ... What is wrong ? VARIOUS USERS

We have seen this issue for a few previous users invariably using an older Windows 9x operating system. The problem is most likely due to an original ie. not regularly and fully updated copy of the operating system being used on the computer on which FlightLog Professional (Recreational) has just been installed. Any program such as FlightLog Professional will depend on several files in addition to itself in order to run properly. The missing file which ultimately gives rise to this exception is a VB runtime library, which is a standard part of the operating system on later / fully updated installations of Windows operating systems. This problem should not show itself with Windows™ XP / NT under normal circumstances. In order to correct this issue in those very rare circumstances, there are 3 solutions :
1. Update the operating system, which is preferable but can be a lengthy process if it is significantly out of date or if it is simply required to run FlightLog Professional (Recreational) or Morse Code Master then ...
2. Later versions of Sratosoft software can detect the absence of a required runtime library and download and install it automatically, else ...
3. Download this VB runtime library : CLICK HERE which should allow the programs to run successfully. This file, on allowing the install to run, should install and register the VB runtime library automatically and then register the library which most likely failed to self-register during the original software installation. The VB runtime library is not included as an integral part BARRETT Programming Concepts software because fully updated and maintained Windows operating systems should not require it.

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I’m testing your logbook software and I also want to use it on my Pocket PC but I’m unable to download the software to my Pocket PC. The device is an iPaq 2200, latest model with the latest version of Windows CE. Also I updated the Microsoft .NET Common Language Runtime, as you recommend. It doesn´t seem to help. Obviously, if I can´t use my Pocket PC, the whole program may not be suitable for me. Do you have any suggestions ? PIET VAN DER MEER, NETHERLANDS.

It appears that the automatic installer for FlightLog Remote Recorder cannot identify the type of processor (CPU) in the case of a particular small group of pocket PCs including eg. the iPaq 2200/5500 models. To ensure a successful installation, the following items will almost certainly help ...
 1. This link will assist in identifying your mobile device processor (CPU) type :
    Processor (CPU) Types : CLICK HERE
 2. The next link will allow you to download a single cabinet file for the processor type identified in step 1. (the recorder.exe file you will already have is simply all of these files linked to an automatic installer routine) :
    FlightLog Remote Recorder CAB Files : CLICK HERE
 3. For reference, there is a forum thread posted originally by FlightLog Professional user Phil Cook (entitled Remote Recorder) on the website forum. This may provide further information concerning the error message(s) you may have seen under these circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE : As of 14th April 2007 the automatic generic installer file (recorder.exe) was discontinued. A new generic installer is now in place called (FlightLogRR(INSTALLER).exe) and this should be used in the first instance. Otherwise, all FlightLog Remote Recorder installations can still be made in most cases via the appropriate mobile device processor (CPU) core specific cabinet file.

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How do I print reports from FlightLog Professional ?. Can I print off individual pages from multi page reports ? GLENN FIELDING, DERBY, UK.

To print reports proceed as follows :
Select the Reports & Charts menu. Select a printable report eg. the EASA / JAA ( or whoever they call themselves these days ;-) ) report format and wait for this to fully compile (progress is indicated at bottom left of screen). To print everything, press the printer icon/button at the top of the screen, contained in the row of icons/buttons which also contains those for page navigation, sizing etc. A tool tip will appear if you hover your mouse over any icon for long enough to explain its function. Be careful with the everything option though, it's OK if you only have 2 pages but can be really annoying if you have 222 !
To print selected pages, firstly indicate your requirement in the printer setup dialog by pressing the printer setup icon/button (printer with spanner), then press the printer icon/button.
IMPORTANT : Please note ...
From FlightLog Professional version 6.01 and with FlightLog Recreational, the control of printing selected report pages has been placed under the strict control of the program rather than being selected from printer setup. Printer setup is still available from the Reports & Charts menu but you will now be prompted for how many pages to print, should you wish to do so, when you select a specific printable report type.

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I have a new personal computer. What do I have to do to install FlightLog Professional (Recreational) on my new PC and transfer all of my data to it ? VARIOUS USERS

There are 3 stages required :
 1. Install the latest FULL version of FlightLog Professional (Recreational) onto your new computer after downloading it from this website. The following instructions will then allow you to easily personalize the program.
 2. Registered Users should now run their personal key program which was issued as an attachment to the registration email sent when the program was purchased and which you were requested to keep for such situations. This personal key program is called YourName.exe, which can be extracted from the supplied 'zip' archive " YourName.zip" if you do not currently have a copy of it available. The full instructions for its use are contained in the registration email. (Please note that only up to and including version 5.31 of FlightLog Professional the attachment was named PERSONAL.EX- and in that case, would need to be renamed to PERSONAL.EXE accordingly). This will personalize the new copy of FlightLog Professional (Recreational) with your registered user name on your new computer.
 3. Transfer ALL of your data by firstly deleting ALL the 'virgin' database files from the data folder on the NEW computer. This folder will be named C:\Program Files\FlightLog Pro\Data or C:\Program Files\FlightLog Rec\Data depending on the actual FlightLog program concerned, for a default installation. Then simply copy ALL of the database files from the corresponding data folder on the OLD computer to the same folder on the NEW computer. How you do this is up to you - CD, USB memory device, network or however...
  One word of extra advice though if you transfer data files using a CD. It is extremely likely that your operating system / CD creating software will set the read only attribute of these files to true when it writes them to CD. This positive read only attribute will remain when these files are copied to the data folder on your new computer. You MUST set the read only attribute of these files to false BEFORE running FlightLog Professional (Recreational) on your new computer. Although this issue is really in the domain of operating system handling, proceed as follows :
 SELECT ALL the files in the data folder of your new computer while viewing them in Windows Explorer (CTRL A will typically achieve this).
 RIGHT CLICK the selection to invoke the context sensitive menu and select PROPERTIES from it.
 CLICK the READ ONLY check box to REMOVE the check mark.
 APPLY the changes, then OK to finish.

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I have downloaded a copy of Morse Code Master 1.10 from the website which I like very much. The only thing is that I use Windows XP™ and the program does not display like other Windows XP programs, it looks like a Windows 98 program. Can I get it to look like other Windows XP programs with their new style buttons, checkboxes etc. ? MIKE REYNOLDS, BICESTER, UK.

A fair point and yes you can ! - a very small patch has been written to enable this. Click on the link below :

Morse Code Master - Windows XP Update

Download, then extract the patch directly into the folder/directory containing your Morse Code Master program files (it only takes a few seconds). The next time you run Morse Code Master, under Windows XP™, it will have the newer Windows XP style controls as far as possible.

PLEASE NOTE : as of Morse Code Master version 2.01, this functionality has been integrated in to the program.

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"Failed to set data for 'BDENetFileDir'" : An error which is commonly seen when starting FlightLog Professional using Windows Vista™ as the computer's operating system. VARIOUS USERS

1. This error ONLY occurs when using Windows Vista™ and ONLY with FlightLog Professional versions to inclusive.

2. Please visit the Stratosoft Forum using the following link for information on resolving this issue, or preferably upgrade to a version higher than ...

Installing & Using Stratosoft software with Windows Vista™

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What happens if my computer is lost or stolen, how do I backup my FlightLog Professional (Recreational) data ? VARIOUS USERS

  For those who have spent some time exploring FlightLog Professional (Recreational) and may have a large amount of data, you will already be aware of the 'auto backup' feature contained in the control & settings menu. Each time this feature is toggled ON it informs you of the folder / directory in which all of your FlightLog Professional (Recreational) flight & support data (ie. airfields, aircraft etc.) files reside. For a default version 5 installation and any version 6 installation, this will always be "C:\Program Files\FlightLog Pro\Data" and for FlightLog Recreational it is "C:\Program Files\FlightLog Rec\Data".
  The 'auto backup' feature is great for a quick backup schedule but it does of course perform its function, as indicated in the program, to the same hard disk as the original data - which is of little value if your computer subsequently suffers a hardware failure, is lost or stolen. So with a schedule of your choosing, always ensure you have an independent, current backup of your FlightLog Professional (Recreational) data as follows :
  1. Ensure FlightLog Professional (Recreational) is not running.
  2. Using My Computer / Windows Explorer navigate to "C:\Program Files\FlightLog Pro (or Rec)\Data" and copy ALL the files in that folder (approximately 70 - 80 files) to an external storage device eg. CD, DVD or USB memory stick. You can of course use 'CTRL A' to select all files and 'drag & drop' them if you wish. Exactly how you copy the files / folder is entirely your choice.
  3. Restoring any backup is as simple as copying the appropriate backup files from their external storage back into "C:\Program Files\FlightLog Pro (or Rec)\Data" as appropriate. Before doing this however, it is best practice to ensure that this folder is completely empty.

  An even better solution for this issue is to download and install FlightLog DataWebSafe internet-based backup / restore client software !

  One word of extra advice though if you transfer data files using a CD. It is extremely likely that your operating system / CD creating software will set the read only attribute of these files to true when it writes them to CD. This positive read only attribute will remain when these files are copied back into the data folder on your computer during a data restore. You MUST set the read only attribute of these files to false BEFORE running FlightLog Professional (Recreational) on your new computer. Although this issue is really in the domain of operating system handling, proceed as follows :
 SELECT ALL the files in the data folder of your new computer while viewing them in Windows Explorer (CTRL A will typically achieve this).
 RIGHT CLICK the selection to invoke the context sensitive menu and select PROPERTIES from it.
 CLICK the READ ONLY check box to REMOVE the check mark.
 APPLY the changes, then OK to finish.

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"Master record missing." : An error message which may sometimes be seen when entering FlightLog Professional / Recreational records. VARIOUS USERS

  Number of BDE errors : 1

  1. Error : Master record missing.
   Category : 38
   Error Code : 9733 ($2605)
   (Subcode) : 5
   Native Error : 0

  This error message does mean exactly what it says. By way of explanation, each FlightLog flight record is partially comprised of support data records. These support data records are for example, aircraft or airfields and they are classed as master records. Especially when entering flight records, where a required master record does not yet exist, you will be prompted by FlightLog to enter the details for that master record concurrently with the entry of the flight (child) record. If for any reason you fail to save / store the support (master) record before moving back to continue the entry of the flight record, then on attempting to save the flight record you are very likely to encounter this error message. It is imperative to save / store the support data record by using the (green checkmark) on its own window but if you inadvertently fail to do this by for example, just closing that support database window, then that support record cannot be available to the flight record. It makes sense that if a record relies on information from another record, then that record must first exist.
  FlightLog Professional / Recreational are provided with a warning system to try and prevent this issue arising. These warnings will pop up each time you enter support data concurrently with a flight record and typically take the following form, depending on the category of support data you are currently working with ...

Save (store) support data record warning

  These warnings can be turned off because they may cause annoyance popping up for each support record entry. However, the fact still remains that each support data record must be saved before continuing with a flight record entry.
  If the error is persistent then try to locate the support record entry you think may be causing the error in its respective database. It is potentially possible for a support record to be apparently stored but a flight record may not be able locate it for use if the index pointing to that support record has not been correctly updated on saving it. In this case, open the support record in question, click on the edit button (dark green, up-pointing triangle) on the data navigation toolbar, ensure the record details are correct and resave the record (green checkmark).
  The above information does not cover all the potential reasons for encountering this error message but it does apply, by far, to the majority of cases.

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The evaluation period has expired for FlightLog Professional / Recreational on my computer but I would still like to purchase it. What do I do now ? VARIOUS USERS

  This article applies ONLY to FlightLog Professional versions up to and including and FlightLog Recreational versions up to and including ... after this, these software titles became free of charge and unrestricted although they can still be personalized.

  As you have discovered, when the evaluation period has expired all you are left with is simply the 'about window' of the program waiting to receive an unlock code. Below is a copy of the instructions that were available during the evaluation period and they are, in this case specifically written for FlightLog Professional, but are similarly applicable to FlightLog Recreational. Please follow them carefully to register, purchase, unlock and personalize whichever edition of the software you are using on your computer ...

  If you are satisfied with FlightLog Professional and would like to continue using the program
  then, if you are a NEW USER, you will need to complete the following 4 very easy steps ...

  EXISTING REGISTERED USERS need only to generate an UNLOCK code for this copy
  and also PERSONALIZE it using their personal key program (as in steps 3. and 4.)

  (Only 150 flight records or THREE months will be allowed before this becomes compulsory)

  Visit the Stratosoft website : www.stratosoft.com and click on a FlightLog Professional link.
  Click on a "BUY NOW" button and provide your registration details as requested.

  After successful registration, click the payment button and you will be transferred to
  a secure server payment website (check for "https" in your browser's address bar and
  that a padlock symbol is displayed). Provide your payment details and make your purchase.

  After successful purchase, instructions will be displayed in your browser explaining how to
  unlock this copy of FlightLog Professional. Please read them carefully. Essentially, after
  activating your account via email, you will now have access to the website's 'Registered
  User Area' from where you will be able to generate an unlock code for your copy of FlightLog
  Professional on this computer. This computer specific unlock code will correspond to the
  computer specific software code which you enter into the website's unlock code generator.
  The software code currently displayed by this copy of FlightLog Professional is shown below
  and in the program's 'about window', which is also where the newly generated unlock code is
  entered. Successful unlocking removes the evaluation status of FlightLog Professional.

  The software code for this copy of FlightLog Professional is : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  (copy and paste this into the website's unlock code generator to avoid transcription errors)

  Successful purchase will also automatically trigger the compilation of a small personal
  key program by Stratosoft. Unlike generating the unlock code, this is not available to
  you immediately. Normally personal key programs are dispatched by email within 24 to 48
  hours but this time may be considerably longer during vacation periods. Successful
  personalizing will put your chosen name into FlightLog Professional and remove the
  150 flight records restriction.

NB : If not purchased, when the 150 record limit has been reached, access to all data so far
  will still be available for any existing remainder of the 3 months evaluation period but after
  this the program will cease to operate, except for a continuing registration and purchase
  option, which if actioned will allow restoration to full function.
  FlightLog Professional is NOT free software - but only ONE payment is required for usage
  beyond 150 flight records / 3 months, for ALL copies of the program in your SOLE USE.
  Please contact us by email from the 'Contact Us' link on the website if necessary.
  Free technical support by email and free upgrades as and when available are provided for all
  FlightLog Professional users who have registered and purchased. Limited support is provided
  for trial users.

  Click 'Continue' to open the 'about window' and enter your website generated unlock code.


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I have FlightLog Professional installed, I was adding flight records and had entered 77 records. I then added another 30 or so, each time 'storing' the flight record with the green check mark button. Then after I closed the program and later reopened it to continue data entry, I found that only the previous 77 flight records were available ! After entering the additional 30 or so flight records (total flight records approx. 109) and viewing the logbook tab to check totals, reports etc. these additional entries were in fact there at that point. When I next opened the program my 30 or so most recently input flight records had vanished ! Can you help me ? ... How can I add entries knowing that they will save ? GEOFF SHAKESPEAR, MILWAUKEE, US.

  In this case, obviously inputting the first 77 flight records went OK, so we need to consider what might possibly be different with the most recent inputting session. This is obviously not a common issue ... because we wouldn't get too far with a flight logbook program that wouldn't store flights ! ... but it does happen very rarely and has a very simple solution. It all hinges on whether or not you are using the freely downloadable Worldwide Airfields & Airports Data Resource (WAADR) as an accompanying program, at the same time as you are using FlightLog Professional or Recreational.
  By way of explanation, if for example you are entering a flight record which may have a sector/airfield not yet known to the program, then you will be prompted to provide it. Sectors are simply two airfields, so in any case you can summon the airfields resource program (WAADR) at this point with the intention of importing an airfield from it into FlightLog Professional / Recreational. Let's say you perform this action ... the final dialog shown to you by the airfields resource program (WAADR) is an information dialog stating that the import has been completed and it requires an OK to close it. An example of this information dialog (in this case, for the import of San Francisco International from WAADR into FlightLog Recreational) would look like this ...

Worldwide Airfields Resource (WAADR) information dialog

  On OK'ing this information dialog, the airfields resource (WAADR) will complete its processing and minimize to the taskbar to wait for any further request. Now if, under the melee of windows which you could have open at this point, that information dialog becomes hidden and you don't OK it, then the FlightLog Professional / Recreational database is held open in a sort of 'limbo state' ... although you can still carry on using your logbook program. Because of this, when you come to close FlightLog Professional / Recreational, the records you have input for this session are not written from their current holding buffer to the hard disk, so on reopening the logbook program ... they have been lost.
  The solution to this issue is to ensure the information dialog box is OK'd (WAADR becomes minimized) BEFORE continuing further with flight entry. If the airfields resource (WAADR) remains maximized after an airfield has been exported from it, then you need to look around your desktop for that information dialog ! It's difficult to change this behaviour because the airfields resource (WAADR) and FlightLog Professional / Recreational are actually two completely independent programs but are trying to use the same database facility. They can only do this one at a time and the processing performed by the information dialog being OK'd releases the database back to the logbook, otherwise it never is. It is intended to research this issue further in due course to see if its behaviour can be improved. This behaviour is applicable at least up to and including FlightLog Professional version / FlightLog Recreational version and both of these utilizing WAADR version

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